Vilnius from above – Touristing at home (12 photos)


Fresh look, another point of view and new perception of the usual. Being a tourist at home makes everything a little different: attention gets drawn to completely different things and understanding of “interesting” gets a whole new meaning. However, observing the city from a hot air balloon adds a completely new dimension to everything.


IMG_4705Protected by UNESCO, Vilnius Old Town is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Central Europe where gothic, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical architectural styles blend and complement each other.
IMG_4721Equally spread throughout the city and its sleeping districts, green spaces occupy more than half of Vilnius area.
IMG_4751Largely covered by parks, Vilnius is one of the few European capitals where hot air balloons are allowed to fly above the city.
IMG_4706 (1)  IMG_4770 (1)IMG_4748 (1)  IMG_4773 (1)Roofs, yards and streets.


Behind the scenes

IMG_4653IMG_4677ddIMG_4795First time tested on November 21, 1783, hot air balloon is the oldest human carrying flight machine. Loved by adventurers all over the world, it smoothly glides along with the wind.