Rügen – Cycling around Jasmund

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White sandy beaches, dense tree canopy and massive chalk cliffs. Loved by Bismark and Einstein, Rügen has all a tourist needs as well as a good deal of quiet corners to hide from the crowd.

Arriving by train to Lietzow was a great idea and it was a good place to start heading north towards a little beach-town Glowe next morning. As it would have been boring otherwise, cycling the narrow, curvy and hilly coastal hiking trail to Lohme was simply a must. It would be difficult to find a more bike-unfriendly path on the island, but carrying a thin tired citybike (with two backpacks duct-taped to its back) up and down the stairs spiced up the trip. Actually, it surprised other hikers even less than an ordinary pasta cooking process on the bench at Victoriasicht, a spectacular viewpoint facing the highest and the most famous chalk cliff in the area – Königsstuhl.

Packed during the day, empty in the evening, Jasmund National Park offers magnificent views and is definitely worth a visit. Especially the few hour trek through Stubnitz forest including the little and photogenic path that winds along the seashore, located just below the official hiking path on top of the cliffs.