Where monsters live – Papierfabrik Wolfswinkel (20 photos)


Colourful, fury and cute. They are called monsters and they live in and old abandoned paper factory in Eberswalde.



IMG_5027Built in the 17th century, Papiermühle Wolfswinkel survived a number of wars and economic systems. After having successfully operated for 266 years, it went bankrupt in 1994, few years after privatisation.

IMG_5032  IMG_5075IMG_5173  IMG_5138Abandoned old and never finished new buildings in the neighbourhood of Eberswalde create a mysterious atmosphere and raise many rhetorical questions.

IMG_5101  IMG_5056IMG_5051  IMG_5151Once the most modern paper factory in the world, Papiermühle Wolfswinkel is now a huge underground playground for artists.


Empty yards, abandoned halls and spooky silence. Space for creativity is almost unlimited. (7 photos)