Heading south – Ending the ski season

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After a slow Tuesday’s morning in Berlin, everything was finally packed (quite some things to take when planning to climb, boulder, camp and ski during the same trip) and it was time to head south, towards Italy.

Like always, it’s been great to reach Bolzano and have another look at it. City itself does not really change: same buildings, same sunshine, same beggar imitating convulsions… It is the point of view that changes: streets start to look narrow, houses get to seem rather small and the whole city begin to resemble a tiny town packed with tourists.

A nice evening meeting friends, a rather impatient night, and we are on the way to Schnalstal, a local ski area in South Tyrol. Weather was not the best, but not all slopes were in the clouds too and it started to rain/snow only in the late afternoon. Anyways, it was good to touch the snow again, as moving from Bolzano to Berlin also meant shortening the ski season from six months to a few weekends per year.

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The holiday feeling – Kite landboarding 101


Week started with a sunshine, 23 degree temperature and a kite landboarding lesson. New experiences including walking with a t-shirt through Berlin, relaxed people around and packed street cafés made Monday’s morning look a bit surreal. It felt so like holiday, and it was so hard to get back to everyday work in the afternoon…

But before doing that I got to understand why so many people get into kiting. Instructed by a decent hippie who came with his camper-van to Tempelhofer Feld, I found kiting to be cooler than I thought, less scary than I expected and a bit faster to learn than one would think.

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Climbing in the flats – Löbejün


I haven’t been getting up early on a weekend (earlier than during the week) already for quite a while and I haven’t been properly climbing for quite some time too. Well, it was just about time to get out. This time to Löbejün.

Located in a former quarry near Halle/Leipzig, this is one of the closest climbing areas from Berlin. It may not be the perfect crag, but it has more than 150 routes facing all directions and is less than two hours away, what makes it a great location for a day-trip.

Löbejün near Berlin, is a bit like Sarentino near Bolzano – nice and relaxed atmosphere, good grip and a rather good accessibility. Actually, Berlin is not that bad for climbing in the end!

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Next week’s breakfast (a.k.a. honey cake)


…and then I paused my never-ending battle about image quality with WordPress and baked a honey cake instead. Well, no need to worry about breakfast next week!

Compared to a cheesecake or tiramisu, it is a sweet and rather heavy cake that lasts extremely long. Well stuffed with sour-cream (could use yoghurt to make it lighter) this calorie bomb is kind of impossible to eat in one evening unless you are with 15 other people.

It divides into ~16 little nutritious pieces and my experience suggests that it should last for almost a week. That’s what I like about it the most..


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Spring is here again


While for the sake of optimism I’d still find it handy to have a browser plugin that censors information and hides Bolzano from weather maps, spring is finally here. In the air. In the sky. In people’s faces. Again. Hopefully it will stay longer this time!

First one

IMG_8246Here it is, a late evening in Berlin after a rather productive day… Finished building my new bike, kind of getting to the end with this stuff and, like always, keep creating new extremely time consuming plans and ideas.

It was about time to press myself and create a blog for sharing my observations, thoughts, ideas. Through words or through pictures. A photo followed by a text or a text followed by a photo.

Of course most of my old remarks and ideas will remain published only on those paper scraps, napkins (hate these, really difficult to write on), train tickets and air sickness bags (perfect for writing, my all time favorite), but hey, there are so many things that are still going to happen!!

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