Lines and roofs – Mosel, Rhein and other curves (31 photo)


Once a yellow blanket of nature fell from the sky and tightly covered the vineyards around Mosel and Rhein, even the hedgehog got to understand that the season has changed. Soft tones invaded little sleepy towns, adjusted all shapes and lines. Lines, that lead to…

Yes, this time it is all about gold of November and redness of Heidelberg.


IMG_9041View down from the Philosophenweg in Heidelberg around sunrise explains it all very clearly. And there is absolutely no surprise that this path was always beloved by people.

IMG_9185Symmetric or chaotic, patterns sometimes simply inspire to slow down, have a deeper look and contemplate for a while.

IMG_9076Red roofs contrasted with yellow grape fields underline the differences between static man made constructions and constantly changing unpredictable natural world.

IMG_9216  IMG_8988IMG_8970  IMG_8941Straight and curvy, parallel and divergent. Lines always lead somewhere.

IMG_8940IMG_9068Bridges connect, unify and merge. Two completely different worlds into a one joint habitat.

IMG_8993IMG_9107Adored by the first settlers for practical reasons, river valleys keep enchanting visitors until today.

IMG_9156  IMG_9130IMG_9151  IMG_9191…and it does not really matter, how steep the hills are. Wish to have a vineyard usually wins.

Whether transportation, food or entertainment. Humans will always find a use for rivers (slideshow, 9 photos).

Orange and grey, flat and oblique. City roofs hide way more than one could imagine… (slideshow, 6 photos)