It’s Bright. It’s Soft. It Moves.

Vytautas Serys, Winter, Spindleruv Mlyn, Landscape Once the warm green branches get covered with snow, cold ends up surrounding us in all forms – only cold colours remain, temperatures drop, emotions cool.

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Lines and roofs – Mosel, Rhein and other curves (31 photo)


Once a yellow blanket of nature fell from the sky and tightly covered the vineyards around Mosel and Rhein, even the hedgehog got to understand that the season has changed. Soft tones invaded little sleepy towns, adjusted all shapes and lines. Lines, that lead to…

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Autumn high in the Alps – Skiers paradise (6 photos)


Sunshine, some fresh snow in the beginning of the week and some things to do in Innsbruck in its end made it a great reason to start the ski season. 1 meter of snow combined with over 15 open lifts and slopes resulted in a perfect start.

Mid-October might not be exactly the high season for skiing, but warm sunny afternoons, rich gear tests and a little crazy atmosphere created by the most fanatic skiers and boarders chilling together compensate for everything else.

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Where two continents meet – Night in Istanbul (13 photos)

IMG_7789 (1)
“Some call it chaos, we call it home” – kept repeating posters on the walls of an old bar. To me, it looked anything but. Actually, Istanbul was more like a last acclimatisation stop before getting back to everyday’s ordnung.

Well organised transportation, streets that are even possible to cross and only a couple of motivated salesmen made the city of two continents look rather calm, especially when compared with Georgia.

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Vilnius from above – Touristing at home (12 photos)


Fresh look, another point of view and new perception of the usual. Being a tourist at home makes everything a little different: attention gets drawn to completely different things and understanding of “interesting” gets a whole new meaning. However, observing the city from a hot air balloon adds a completely new dimension to everything.

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Rügen – Cycling around Jasmund

IMG_4439 (1)

White sandy beaches, dense tree canopy and massive chalk cliffs. Loved by Bismark and Einstein, Rügen has all a tourist needs as well as a good deal of quiet corners to hide from the crowd.

Arriving by train to Lietzow was a great idea and it was a good place to start heading north towards a little beach-town Glowe next morning. As it would have been boring otherwise, cycling the narrow, curvy and hilly coastal hiking trail to Lohme was simply a must. It would be difficult to find a more bike-unfriendly path on the island, but carrying a thin tired citybike (with two backpacks duct-taped to its back) up and down the stairs spiced up the trip. Actually, it surprised other hikers even less than an ordinary pasta cooking process on the bench at Victoriasicht, a spectacular viewpoint facing the highest and the most famous chalk cliff in the area – Königsstuhl.

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Glimpse of the Alps – A hike up

Vytautas Serys, Alps, Austria, Farm

Few days for the Alps, OutDoor fair, to get there and back. Plan seemed to be simple and it was rather clear how to proceed – start with the mountains, end with the fair.

7 hours of driving, 3 hitch-hikers made happy, and here they were – Alps in Allgäu. Clock showed 9.15PM – exactly one minute after the sunset and, given the circumstances, it was a perfect time to start getting up. Well, it was Alps. Clearly marked paths and signs on every corner made navigation rather easy, even when hiking at night without a map.

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Iceland – Colours of the wild (22 photos)

Lush fjords, volcanic peaks, glittering icecaps and endless multicolour lava fields. Remote and natural. Sunny and warm (12°C). Such was Iceland in the beginning of July.

Couple of days in “must see” south to start. More time for severe highlands and completely forgotten by tourists yet amazingly charming Westfjords. Unpredictable Snæfellsnes and eclectic Reykjavík for the end.

This was the long story short. Photos will do the further talking.

Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland, Vytautas Serys
Skógafoss, one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland falling from a 62 meter cliff, a former shoreline. These rocks create a clear border between Highlands of Iceland and 5 km wide coastal lowlands that emerged when the coastline receded seaward.

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Eggs the Icelandic way – 3 steps


Weather cools down, crowds disappear and colours change. Few lone photographers, couple of birds and silence of a bright summer night. Photographing geysers is fun, but sometimes gets tiring and there is no better cure than a warm meal. Luckily, getting one is rather simple here in Iceland.

Boiling an egg in the local way

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