Autumn high in the Alps – Skiers paradise (6 photos)


Sunshine, some fresh snow in the beginning of the week and some things to do in Innsbruck in its end made it a great reason to start the ski season. 1 meter of snow combined with over 15 open lifts and slopes resulted in a perfect start.

Mid-October might not be exactly the high season for skiing, but warm sunny afternoons, rich gear tests and a little crazy atmosphere created by the most fanatic skiers and boarders chilling together compensate for everything else.

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Heading south – Ending the ski season

IMG_0120 (1)

After a slow Tuesday’s morning in Berlin, everything was finally packed (quite some things to take when planning to climb, boulder, camp and ski during the same trip) and it was time to head south, towards Italy.

Like always, it’s been great to reach Bolzano and have another look at it. City itself does not really change: same buildings, same sunshine, same beggar imitating convulsions… It is the point of view that changes: streets start to look narrow, houses get to seem rather small and the whole city begin to resemble a tiny town packed with tourists.

A nice evening meeting friends, a rather impatient night, and we are on the way to Schnalstal, a local ski area in South Tyrol. Weather was not the best, but not all slopes were in the clouds too and it started to rain/snow only in the late afternoon. Anyways, it was good to touch the snow again, as moving from Bolzano to Berlin also meant shortening the ski season from six months to a few weekends per year.

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