Eggs the Icelandic way – 3 steps


Weather cools down, crowds disappear and colours change. Few lone photographers, couple of birds and silence of a bright summer night. Photographing geysers is fun, but sometimes gets tiring and there is no better cure than a warm meal. Luckily, getting one is rather simple here in Iceland.

Boiling an egg in the local way

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Heading south – Melloblocco

IMG_0296 (1)

While mountaineers kept fighting at inconceivable altitudes in Himalayas, a colourful crowd of boulderers kept chilling in Val di Mello. Year after year thousands of climbers from all over the continent gather in world’s most important bouldering meeting Melloblocco on the first weekend of May. This spring was not exceptional too. Like minded people all around, absence of stress and the overall simplicity is what makes it so charming. Beginners and experts, everyone with different abilities, aims and projects, yet everyone in love with the mountains.

Bouldering, sport or trad climbing. For its huge variety of short as well as multi-pitch routes sometimes called Europe’s Yosemite valley, Val di Mello has something for everyone. These offers combined with climbing and creative competitions, movie screenings and concerts make an event where it is always great to come back.

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Next week’s breakfast (a.k.a. honey cake)


…and then I paused my never-ending battle about image quality with WordPress and baked a honey cake instead. Well, no need to worry about breakfast next week!

Compared to a cheesecake or tiramisu, it is a sweet and rather heavy cake that lasts extremely long. Well stuffed with sour-cream (could use yoghurt to make it lighter) this calorie bomb is kind of impossible to eat in one evening unless you are with 15 other people.

It divides into ~16 little nutritious pieces and my experience suggests that it should last for almost a week. That’s what I like about it the most..


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