The end is… – It’s right there!!

IMG_9340It starts here and ends over there. Does it? Surely. What has the beginning, that has an end. The sky must have it too. It clearly starts with those light blue tones at the bottom and ends with the dark blackness right th… Well, it has to end somewhere. There above. And then there is an end behind which there is nothing. A one big massive nothing. Genau. That nothing, which starts exactly up there and ends…

I just love those squarish, roundish plane windows. They show you so much. Not just the sun, earth, skyline…

Whether from the plane or while sitting on a balcony’s railing, it is always great to watch the skyline. Line, between the majestic sky and millions of ant-like creatures below… They all own ideas, opinions, aims. No-aims are also aims, so it’s all supposed to make sense.

They all think their actions are the most appropriate, their food is the tastiest and their problems are the most important. Let’s not get into relativity, simply because it is too true and it would screw everything up. Of course our aims are the most important.

It is good to watch, it is also good to blend in. As another, just the same, yet very unique, part of that colourful chaotic structure full of movemet. Where and why? Somewhere. And somewhy. Does it really matter? Why should one care “what does the fox say”…

Learning a language – To speak or not to speak?

IMG_1579 - Version 2

Learning a language requires time. And practice. Use it all the time and results will be astonishing. Keep avoiding and it will take a while longer. As simple as that.

Is constant practice efficient? Definitely yes. Fun? Probably. It depends on how much control does one want to have over the conversation, where difficult topics and important clarifications happen to be avoided way too often.

Everyone can choose a strategy. Everyone can pick what works best. Personally, I find that decent conversations tend to improve the overall quality of life much more than would do a slight increase in the speed of language learning process.

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Hanging above – Inspiration

IMG_1259 (3)

It’s just been hanging there. Right above the channel. Right above the bridge.

Well, Amsterdam seemed to be kind of on the way to Düsseldorf-Weeze. And, unless travelling exclusively by land, Weeze is on the way to Vilnius. From Berlin. A short but nice dinner and overnight stop on the way.

Yes, heading to Vilnius. To catch up, to learn from the big guys in Forum One, and to get inspired. I always get inspired in Lithuania. It all starts with the airline magazine, which is a mix of texts from/about different countries all over the world. Comparing those little stories rocks almost as much as exploring the destinations map in the last pages!

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Spring is here again


While for the sake of optimism I’d still find it handy to have a browser plugin that censors information and hides Bolzano from weather maps, spring is finally here. In the air. In the sky. In people’s faces. Again. Hopefully it will stay longer this time!

First one

IMG_8246Here it is, a late evening in Berlin after a rather productive day… Finished building my new bike, kind of getting to the end with this stuff and, like always, keep creating new extremely time consuming plans and ideas.

It was about time to press myself and create a blog for sharing my observations, thoughts, ideas. Through words or through pictures. A photo followed by a text or a text followed by a photo.

Of course most of my old remarks and ideas will remain published only on those paper scraps, napkins (hate these, really difficult to write on), train tickets and air sickness bags (perfect for writing, my all time favorite), but hey, there are so many things that are still going to happen!!

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