A Winter’s Day – An Artsy Experience


It’s Bright. It’s Soft. It Moves.

Vytautas Serys, Winter, Spindleruv Mlyn, Landscape Once the warm green branches get covered with snow, cold ends up surrounding us in all forms – only cold colours remain, temperatures drop, emotions cool.

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Small World – Preview, Vernissage, Concert (Updated)

Charming, majestic, surreal. We call it earth and it is full of magic. Magic, which proudly reveals itself as soon as we start paying attention. Soon I am going to present a selection of photographs in a solo exhibition “Small World”.

* * * * * * U P D A T E * * * * * *

You rock! Thanks everyone for coming and turning it into such a wonderful evening. It was lovely to see such a nice, warm and huge crowd!

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House of the Booze – Bärenquell Brauerei (10 photos)


Like many other breweries in Eastern Germany, Bärenquell Brauerei had to end its life after the fall of Berlin Wall. Sudden economic changes created yet another spot for unleashed creativity.

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Zombie Hospital – Ruins in Weißensee (8 photos)

_MG_9452 (1)

Once for kids, now for zombies. Closed in late 1980′s, “Säuglings- und Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee” hospital does not experience much action right now. Dusty walls and spongy ceiling remind that everything what has a beginning, also has an end.

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The end is… – It’s right there!!

IMG_9340It starts here and ends over there. Does it? Surely. What has the beginning, that has an end. The sky must have it too. It clearly starts with those light blue tones at the bottom and ends with the dark blackness right th… Well, it has to end somewhere. There above. And then there is an end behind which there is nothing. A one big massive nothing. Genau. That nothing, which starts exactly up there and ends…

I just love those squarish, roundish plane windows. They show you so much. Not just the sun, earth, skyline…

Whether from the plane or while sitting on a balcony’s railing, it is always great to watch the skyline. Line, between the majestic sky and millions of ant-like creatures below… They all own ideas, opinions, aims. No-aims are also aims, so it’s all supposed to make sense.

They all think their actions are the most appropriate, their food is the tastiest and their problems are the most important. Let’s not get into relativity, simply because it is too true and it would screw everything up. Of course our aims are the most important.

It is good to watch, it is also good to blend in. As another, just the same, yet very unique, part of that colourful chaotic structure full of movemet. Where and why? Somewhere. And somewhy. Does it really matter? Why should one care “what does the fox say”…

Lines and roofs – Mosel, Rhein and other curves (31 photo)


Once a yellow blanket of nature fell from the sky and tightly covered the vineyards around Mosel and Rhein, even the hedgehog got to understand that the season has changed. Soft tones invaded little sleepy towns, adjusted all shapes and lines. Lines, that lead to…

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Autumn high in the Alps – Skiers paradise (6 photos)


Sunshine, some fresh snow in the beginning of the week and some things to do in Innsbruck in its end made it a great reason to start the ski season. 1 meter of snow combined with over 15 open lifts and slopes resulted in a perfect start.

Mid-October might not be exactly the high season for skiing, but warm sunny afternoons, rich gear tests and a little crazy atmosphere created by the most fanatic skiers and boarders chilling together compensate for everything else.

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Nuclear ghost town – Vogelsang military base (27 photos)


Deep in the woods of Brandenburg lies sleepy Vogelsang. From the first sight, it does not look any different from other villages with a similar population of 100. What makes this area interesting is another, much bigger and more mysterious Voglesang hidden in the forest nearby.

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Where two continents meet – Night in Istanbul (13 photos)

IMG_7789 (1)
“Some call it chaos, we call it home” – kept repeating posters on the walls of an old bar. To me, it looked anything but. Actually, Istanbul was more like a last acclimatisation stop before getting back to everyday’s ordnung.

Well organised transportation, streets that are even possible to cross and only a couple of motivated salesmen made the city of two continents look rather calm, especially when compared with Georgia.

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